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Clotrimazole mouth paint 1mg /ml, which has no taste or odor, but still acts as a potent antiseptic. It also contains an antiperspirant ingredient, phenothiazine. The researchers tested 10 subjects who have no known sensitivity to antiperspirants, who had been treated with the drug for only 10 days, with no signs of rash, swelling, itching or irritation in the previous 24 hours. Each subject then used the spray daily for 48 hours; in the second 48-hour period, they didn't use it at all. The results were "very promising," according to Dr. Michael Goss, a clinical instructor of medicine at the Yale University School of Medicine, who wrote an accompanying editorial in the journal. Although there was no improvement in any of the tested subjects in terms of blood pressure, heart rate or respiratory response. For several hours after they finished using the spray—even while spray was still on the skin—none of subjects had any visible irritation, rash or skin rash. And, even though the researchers couldn't rule out possibility that other ingredients in the spray might make results worse for certain people, the positive results are still significant. "It's amazing they made it without a rash," said Dr. William Schaffner, M.D., chairman of the Department Preventive Medicine at Over the counter valium uk Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, in Nashville, Tennessee. While antiseptic mouth sprays are widely available and relatively cheap, few research studies are actually published on their use. This is likely because of the difficulty in proving whether antiseptic ingredients these spray preparations truly work; that's why a small clinical study published in the June 2012 issue of Journal the American Medical Association (JAMA) included only three participants and showed just a 50% success rate with their mouthwash-specific combination, which contained a non-antiseptic, alcohol-free mouthwash and powerful antimicrobial ingredient called methyl-salicylate that can be found in over half of the antimicrobial products Provigil buy online available on market, including mouthwash and toothpaste. (A full list of antibacterial mouthwashes can be found on the manufacturer's website.) It isn't yet known whether the spray formulation tested by Yale researchers is a "good product," as the researchers call it, or a "bad product." The product could have been less effective if the researchers could have added other antiseptic ingredients that have better safety profiles. As Dr. Goss noted in a commentary accompanying the new findings, researchers are also looking into whether certain compounds in sprays that do reduce bacteria growth—e.g., a type of polyethylene glycol—might not actually make the spray worse for humans. Some of the new study results also don't seem to apply children. The study findings are "a reminder that some of us are exposed to the antimicrobial agent we use daily on a basis in our day-to-day interactions and we need to be more vigilant whether those antimicrobials are being properly prescribed or not," added Dr. Goss, also a researcher on the FDA's Advisory Committee Antimicrobial Products Safety, in a JAMA commentary. However, "this is still a very promising thing," said Schaffner. While the researchers did not prove that the spray was ineffective—they can't say, for example, whether it would be less effective for children because they do not have the same type of microorganisms as adults do—Schaffner noted, "This is a clear warning to the antimicrobials industry that we really don't know a lot about their effectiveness." If other researchers decide to follow up. Dr. Goss notes that because this study was not a randomized or controlled trial, it cannot prove that any particular type of mouthwash was the best one—or that it wasn't ineffective. "But if they did this next study, with a randomized trial and control group, they'll need to do a randomized control trial to show online pharmacy programs in canada that [there is] no difference, so this research is very promising and could mean a lot," said Dr. Goss.

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